Specialized in swinging trapeze, a graduate of L’Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque de Bruxelles in 2005, Amélie Venisse has always sought to integrate clown and humour into her work. Her character, Mademoiselle Cerise, begins to take shape in 2006, following an intensive training workshop in Montreal and a Mexican tour with the clown trio El Clavo.. The trio is awarded the Annie Fratellini prize at the Festival Mondiale du Cirque de Demain in 2007. Acclaimed for her solo work at the Solycirco festival in 2009, she has appeared on numerous stages and cabarets throughout Europe, (Wintergarten Variété, GOP) both solo and in duo with her brother Anthony. In conjunction to her work as trapezist and clown, she is author, composer and performer with her company Le cri du Paon, playing the accordion and singing in the musical duo Les Folles de Léon.